Ours is actually a very familiar story. Two city dwellers, one a manager in the media sector for many years and the other an architect and an academician... We were weary of urban life but not of working. Working, producing, sharing was our stance in this life and we never grew less. The aim was not to fly away from the city or to look for new business opportunities. The intention was not to turn our back on technology either. What attracted us was to meet the "earth!, "sun", "water" and the "green" which we noticed we had never learned enough when we looked back. We looked for a decent land for two years. We lived, experienced and learned there and we are still learning.

NEFES MEKÂN was established on an area of eight acres, surrounded by Istıranca Forests all around. About three acres of our land is being cultivated for Nefes Cuisine to grow our own crops.

The green grass area livening up with our pool, resting and reading corners between our rooms and Nefes Restaurant are all offered with a view of the forest as far as the eye can see. Our "Welcome" building welcomes you with our library and tea-cake terrace which you can enjoy, and this is where the new story begins...